Facade Design Projects

The facade is the appearance of your house. It is on it that people often evaluate the taste of property owners. But the facade not only performs an aesthetic function, it also helps reduce heating costs, provides improved sound insulation.

The design project of facades should take into account all wishes of the client as much as possible, thus taking into account a climatic zone in which the house is located.


Stages of creating a facade project


1) Departure to the object or so-called pre-design works. Experts evaluate the location of the house, its general concept.

2) Drawing up a technical task and signing a contract.

3) Our best specialists make stylistic sketches, create high-quality sketches of facade projects.

4) Creation of three-dimensional visualization, according to the approved concept.

5) Preparation of the working project of a facade with the indication of materials and types of works.


Current trends in facade design


There are several major trends that we share and use in our work. This is the simplicity and clarity of forms. Simple, light, concise forms are now more popular. And the use of huge panoramic windows is also one of the main trends. It looks stylish, while adding more light to the interior design of the house. And another trend is minimalism. There should be nothing superfluous on the facades of houses.


How the price for the design of the facade project is formed


The price is formed from several main factors:

1) The size of the house and its height.

2) The presence of small parts or their absence.

3) Permanent or seasonal use of the object.

4) Individual requirements of the customer, which significantly complicate the project.

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