House and Cottage Design Projects

Houses and cottages must have well-thought-out design projects. After all, a house is a more complex, multifaceted building than an apartment, and here it is most important to think about everything. The design project of houses and cottages will help to create a single concept that will best fit the lifestyle of all family members, while looking harmonious in a single design outline.

Stages of creating a design project of houses and cottages

1) Creating a common concept with architectural plans. This is the primary and important stage, because it is on it that we measure the room, create a plan of the house with the arrangement of furniture and appliances in several versions. Be sure to discuss options with the customer to make a single plan.

2) Create a 3-D project in colors with a detailed description. Be sure at this stage, we discuss and approve all the finishing materials. In the second stage, we visit various showrooms, select the appropriate designer furniture and prepare everything for the project as much as possible.

3) The final stage of creating a design project is to develop drawings, technical documentation for builders. Namely: drawings with dimensions, planning of the building with placement of furniture and equipment, plans of dismantled buildings and partitions under construction, plan and specification of doors indicating the size of doorways, layout of plumbing equipment, plans of the ceiling and its markings, floor plans and markings , plans for placement of electrical equipment and lighting fixtures with reference to the place, the plan of interior details.

Current trends in the design of houses and cottages

Minimalism and freedom of space - the main trends in the design of houses and cottages. Of course, everything is very individual, but freedom of space is important and we always emphasize this. After all, the house should be filled with energy, be a comfortable space for rest and work. Another sustainable trend is natural materials. Natural stone, wood, flax. The main decor was green plants, which emphasize the naturalness and naturalness of the design of the cottage.

How to form a price for the design project of houses and cottages

The main characteristics that form the price of the design project of houses and cottages are: the area of ​​the house, the complexity of architectural and engineering solutions, the complexity of various engineering and geological solutions, the full composition of the project.

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