Apartment Projects Design

The design of the apartment project is the main document that we create for each project individually. To develop it, we maximally identify the needs and habits of people, and specify the taste preferences and lifestyle. The design project usually contains: drawings of the future interior, a comprehensive package of documents, layout, 3-d visualization.

Stages of creating a design project of apartments

The design project of the apartment usually consists of 4 main stages:

1) The basic level of "acquaintance" and identification of necessary things. At this stage, we make a trip to the site, assess the cost after identifying the needs and preferences of customers. Also, this stage includes the approval of urgent work, signing a contract and departure for the removal of the main substitutes for the premises.

2) The second stage includes the creation of a three-dimensional 3D design solution for a specific object. This is a vision of what the project will look like after implementation. As a rule, we make several options (up to three) to reveal design ideas as much as possible.

3) This stage includes the preparation and approval of various types of technical documentation for the placement of furniture, creating a plan of the ceiling, the layout of all appliances, the design of plumbing and other design elements.

4) At the fourth stage, we prepare all the technical documentation, as well as issue 3-D visualization already on the scale of the object (one agreed option). We create information about individual materials, where we prescribe all the materials that will be used in the implementation. We also develop and provide the customer with specifications for furniture and lighting with a selection of specific showrooms, where it is better to buy.


Modern trends in apartment design

We create trendy apartment designs that will always be relevant. Because individuality is a major trend that will never go out of style. Mixing styles or mixing them is another trend we follow. After all, it is very boring to design according to the canons of one style, the mix of styles enlivens the interior, makes it modern and quite mobile and flexible.

How is the price formed for the design of apartment projects

The cost of project design of the apartment always directly depends on the tasks, their difficulty, as well as stages of implementation and the total area of ​​the premises. We recommend to approach the design of the apartment project as comprehensively as possible, so that expectations and reality meet 100% without nervous and additional salaries.

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Ultramodern design ideas (interior, exterior, landscape design)
Uniqueness in any design style
Original ideas in architectural design
Exact realization of dream in real life
Clear schedule and sequence of project design creation stages
Well-developed client cooperation system
Reliable mobile construction and repair teams
Strict author’s and general contractor’s supervision
Stable partner relations with contractors
Proactive and competent team
13 years of successful experience.
Profound portfolio (offline/online)
Catalogues and exhibition samples available
Comfortable location of the company

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