Apartments design at Tetris Hall RC

Style: modern    Area: 70 m2

Modern is one of the most striking interior styles, where you can see asymmetry, curved lines, and natural motives. Therefore, we chose it to create a territory of comfort in the Tetris Hall residential complex.

The flooring was mainly parquet. Only the corridor and kitchen area is laid with stone, which is repeated on the walls in the bathroom.

The walls are textured, in muted gray shades, as neutral as possible. The emphasis in the interior is on lighting. The original round lights are everywhere. They also used niche lighting to add romance to the living room.

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  1. Ultramodern design ideas (interior, exterior, landscape design)
  2. Uniqueness in any design style
  3. Original ideas in architectural design
  4. Exact realization of dream in real life
  5. Clear schedule and sequence of project design creation stages
  6. Well-developed client cooperation system
  7. Reliable mobile construction and repair teams
  8. Strict author’s and general contractor’s supervision
  9. Stable partner relations with contractors
  10. Proactive and competent team
  11. 13 years of successful experience.
  12. Profound portfolio (offline/online)
  13. Catalogues and exhibition samples available
  14. Comfortable location of the company

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