Apartments design Diadans 317 sq.m.

Style: contemporary luxury    Area: 317 m2

The apartment is made in the popular contemporary style of luxury. Modern style, which allows you to reveal the character of the owners while being as comfortable as possible for everyday life.

Many mirrored surfaces create a festive atmosphere. One part of the interior allegedly flows into one, reflecting on the surfaces.

Multifunctional furniture made of natural wood allows you to easily place the entire wardrobe. But of course, did not do without a full dressing room. Wood and its modifications add comfort and warmth. In combination with the play of natural stones, a picture of sophistication is created, but at the same time home sophistication.

In the decor, we withstood the maximum moderation, but beat all the details with light: built-in lighting, designer chandeliers and lamps, and even a fireplace. The special red lighting in the bathroom gives a moderate audacity.

We have the most comfortable, practical and functional interior with elements of freedom and play with light.

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