Apartments design project at Fountain Boulevard RC

Style: contemporary luxury    Area: 200 m2

Vertical lines in the design visually lengthen it. They reflect the state of balance and create the impression of psychological stability, strength and simplicity. This reception became the decision for the apartment in 200 m2 in ZhK Boulevard of Fountains.

The project is made in different shades of beige and brown. Such natural colors in the interior eliminate aggression and relax. They are neither warm nor cold, and the atmosphere is soft and gentle.

Spot location of lighting directly affects the perception of the room. At dusk, the design looks more mysterious, and in bright light - everything looks solemn and more festive. Playful, strict and at the same time incredibly cozy design came out.

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  1. Ultramodern design ideas (interior, exterior, landscape design)
  2. Uniqueness in any design style
  3. Original ideas in architectural design
  4. Exact realization of dream in real life
  5. Clear schedule and sequence of project design creation stages
  6. Well-developed client cooperation system
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  8. Strict author’s and general contractor’s supervision
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  10. Proactive and competent team
  11. 13 years of successful experience.
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